Diamond Roller Flour Mills

Diamond Roller Flour Mills (P) Ltd. is one of the leading contributors in the food processing sector producing premium quality Maida, Atta, and Sooji. In 2002, it tied up with Buhler AG Switzerland, a world leader in manufacturing of milling plant and equipment to install a modern wheat processing plant. It is the first flour mill in India to have all its machinery imported from Switzerland.

Committed to continuously provide healthy flours, Diamond Roller Flour Mills follows strict quality parameters to ensure complete hygiene and safety.

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MT Storage Capacity

MT Storage Capacity

DRFM is the first in Kerala to use Steel Silos for the storage of wheat grains which ensure ultimate hygiene in processing.

Million people

Million people

Diamond flours continue to enjoy the wide acceptance in the market and have the capacity to serve 17 million people per day.



Bran, the by product of flour milling is distributed to the cattle feed industry which can serve 300000 million cattle’s a day.

Years of success

Years of success

Our commitment to provide safe and fresh flour to our valued customers was the real driving factor behind 21 years of success.


The Best Flour Ever

Handpicked from the finest wheat kernels, and then milled in state-of-the-art plant under close supervision of expert work force, Diamonds can always bring out the best flour. DRFM never compromise with quality and that of course help in bringing these attributes to our product:


Long-lasting freshness

Wheat flour from Diamonds gives your food a little more freshness, and a little more mouth watering experience.

High Water Absorption

The fine graded flour absorbs more water and ensures chappatis and Pooris stay soft and fresh for long hours

Healthy & Nutritional

Diamonds flour contains essential vitamins and minerals necessary to provide 100% nutritional and healthy diet.

Exceptionally Hygienic

Pure golden brown grains are hygienically processed and packed to reduce the risk of developing diseases.

International Recognition

Premium Products

Diamond Flour Mills continues to enjoy the top position among the manufacturers in Kerala for the sale of wheat flour such as Maida, Atta and Sooji. These products go for the manufacture of bread, bun, cakes, biscuits, rotis, parathas as well as sweets and many ready-to-eat products.

Diamond Flour Mills continues to enjoy the top position among the wheat flour manufacturers in Kerala for the sale of Maida, Atta and Sooji. Diamond produces best wheat flour for baking bread, and other bakery products like bun, cakes, biscuits, rotis, parathas as well as sweets and many ready-to-eat products.Being the quality wheat flour suppliers, Diamond has got recognized as the one producing best wheat in India.

Latest News and Events

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    1 kg Chakki fresh atta launched

    Due to high demand in the market, Diamond Roller Flour Mill has launched 1kg consumer pack of Chakki fresh atta. This has wide acceptance among customers because of the superior quality of the wheat flour.

  • Best and Quality wheat flour suppliers in kerala, diamonds flour mill

    Cambridge Judge Faculty Visits Diamond Roller Flour Mills

    The Senior Faculty of Cambridge Judge Business School, Mr. Simon Stockley visited the Diamond Roller Flour Mills. The visit took place on 1st October 2015 as a part of Management mentoring programme provided by KSIDC to a few selected well run companies in Kerala. The purpose of visit was to identify the nature of functioning in detail in order to study and recommend methods to further improve the company’s performance. The CJBS have also conducted interactive sessions and workshops in which the company his participated.

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The Diamond's Wheat Story

The careful selection of wheat and proper storage of the same using advanced method gives DRFM an edge over the other mills in India. Handpicked grains from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat blended with wheat imported from Australia produces premium grade flours to cater to the needs of our consumers.

Diamond is the first in Kerala to install 6 Silos of 12000MT storage capacity to ensure ultimate hygiene in handling and processing of wheat flour. DRFM has installed Wincos Process Control System from Bhuler AG, Switzerland for the new plant. This latest innovation in plant automation has been tailored to ensure efficient production.

A team of highly efficient personnel from across the country operates under a Senior Milling Technologist to produce the desired product.

All these driving factors together help Diamond Roller Flour Mills in bringing out the best flour ever with utmost quality and freshness.